Khaligraph Jones has an answer for anyone he has offended. Nothing is going to change.

This year has been a tough one for him. He was exposed by his ex-girlfriend as a batterer, and that he was violent towards her when they were together.

It’s been said that Khaligraph Jones is not a man you should mess with because he looks like he can crush someone, or even worse dedicate a diss track, that will leave you shedding tears of sorrow.

He took to social media with a message to all those he has wronged saying:

Whatsgood my people, To all those who I have Wronged and offended whether directly or indirectly, lambeni Lolo, Mazishi ni ile ile #RESPECTTHEOGS #mrinternational

I know, not what we expected at all. He has worked hard to build his brand and he figures that he will not stop being the real OG even if haters try to bring him down.

There are only two people he has publicly beefed with, Cashy and number nane’s finest, Octopizzo. So who could this message be dedicated to?

Khaligraph’s baby mama in war of words with rappers ex, Cashy! (Screenshot)

Octopizzo in a studio interview at KISSFM said that Kenyans need to get over the theory that he has beef with Khaligraph Jones. He says the two are not on the same league and Kenya has too many other problems o focus on.

Cashy, on the other hand, has been silent on their beef since revealing the domestic dispute with Khali is with the police now.

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