Khaligraph Jones aka Papa Jones seems to have made a resolution to be full of drama in 2020 because it does not stop.

So after the whole Sound City Award and Blaqbonez drama, he has shared a teaser to his new jam featuring Bien Amie from Sauti Sol but it comes with some terms and conditions.

We have been waiting for this project from their ‘fighting’ days full of disses on who is stronger and sexier than the other. Khaligraph has given us a video sneak peek to their song I assume will be titled ‘Yes Bana’.

They look like they had so much fun making the video Chiki even mentioned she regrets not being on set because it would have been a fun and silly day.

‘Allow me to assume you 52 based on your face’ Nigerian artiste Blaqbonez disses Khaligraph

Bien, who was part of the project, has told him to just release the song and not share everything on Instagram.

Bien-Sauti Sol age

OG Utadrop song yote kwa IG. Weka tu YouTube watu wafurahie

Since he is the OG and must be respected, he responded to Bien telling him to calm down and take several seats.

don’t Cry baba Dance apo Nguma pole pole

Messing with Khaligraph is like preparing for your death because he will kill and bury you. Not literally of course but with words.

Watch the teaser below as we prepare for the coming video and best believe Kiss100 will give you a well prepared and detailed review like we always do.

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