Khaligraph Jones, Kenya’s hip hop bully is enjoying some downtime with his family and newborn baby and I for one am happy to see he is spending as much time as his career allows and we need more fathers like this.

Khaligraph Jones who has been in a bullish mood having bullied and many others:

Khaligraph Jones bullies Sauti Sol and they respond

He also decided to reveal his baby’s face and it is really cute to see:

And the best thing about what he is doing is that he is exposing his child to his craft, to what he does to be able to provide the lifestyle his child enjoys.

This is important because it imprints a sense of responsibility in his child from a very young age as well as encourages them to take an art form seriously.

And make no mistake about it, making an art form your choice of occupation takes alot of effort.

I would actually say it is a herculean task because you have to give your schedule structure and have the discipline to stick to a schedule.

This is what good parenting looks like, not the foolish IG dads who post photo-op moments.