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Khaligraph Jones is one man who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. And on most occasions he does just that. Yesterday we had an opportunity to speak to the man.


He has spoken in the past about his relationship with Octopizzo and his exes.

Octopizzo vs Khaligraph Jones

But in this particular interview he wasn’t as forthcoming especially when speaking about his ex Cashy, whose real name is Karimi Muriungi.

Khaligraph Jones and Cashy

Why would his ex be of any importance to the “Bora Uhai” musician? Because she recently gave birth and we as the wonderful people of wanted to know what he thought about the news.

When we asked him what he thought about the news, he was very cagey.

He said, “No, we don’t talk about that.”

Khaligraph Jones

When we tried to get him to speak about his own fatherhood aspirations,whether he felt any pressure to also get kids like she did, the rapper responded cheekily:

“I aint telling you shit! Especially you mpasho people. that is confidential.”

He concluded by saying that he would never comment on anyone that is close to him. Hmm? How close are Cashy and Khaligraph still?

Khaligraph Jones and Cashy
Khaligraph Jones and Cashy in happier times

But the rapper was more willing to dish out information about the talk of the town, the one and the only, the “badder than most” Redsan.

“Inachekesha. That is the g. we have a song coming out together. Mad respect. When I saw that and I see people leaving comments, ohhh msanii hafai kufanya hivyo. they don’t know the amount of frustration wasanii hupitia with producers.”


He went on on his supportive tirade for Redsan:

Wajua wasanii wanapigia producer na hashikii simu. Umefanya na mtu ngoma, ushaambia fans nyimbo inatoka, producer hatoi nyimbo. Wewe! Utapigwa!

That is when I had to step in. What was he saying exactly? Did he condone the kichapo that Redsan dished out?

I don’t condone violence…….

Belaire poster. photo credit: Instagram/redsanmusic

Khaligraph as a smart man would, decided to measure his next words carefully and added, “But Redsan ni nigga wangu yaani so….. lakini za zingine inafika mahali mtu anakula makofi. I don’t condone violence but redsan is my g.”

khaligraph jones
khaligraph jones. photo credit: Instagram/khaligraph jones

He even saw the humour in the whole situation and joked that they might call their new collaboration, “Beats by Redsan”. Hehehe!

Khaligraph also pointed out that he was a professional and that no producer would mess with him.

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