Khaligraph Jones is not the type of person to mess with. Trust me on this, I have seen the dude and he is jacked! No, really, you do not want to even think of trying to jack from him. Khaligraph Jones is the type of man whom you must wake up and apologize to if you just dream of fighting.

Khaligraph Jones and Sauti Sol FIGHT (VIDEO)

And the fact that he used to be a bouncer means he also knows how to fight and throw his weight around. So why anyone would want to attempt to jack from him is beyond me. However, a couple of champions managed to ob from Khaligraph Jones and they got away with a 60K chain.

The OG was performing during the much-hyped Guinness Smooth launch party on Saturday, October 26, in Kisumu and while there, Khaligraph Jones decided to wallk into the crowd. When he first jumped into the concert-goers, he had the burden of a silver chain worth 60K but when he got back on the stage, the crowd had relieved him of that burden.

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Khaligraph Jones’ response was a succinct:

The chain they took is worth KSh 60,0000, but those are small things, I came to kill the show