Khaligraph Jones came to the music industry and shocked everyone with his rapping skills. Hip hop in Kenya is not embraced as much as other genres but Khaligraph changed the perspective with his killer bars.

Well, so many Kenyan hip hop artistes have been in the game for years, with some not even doing anything to better themselves or even give back. But Khaligraph is just one of a kind.

As much as he’s been in the game for a couple of years, he’s made sure to progress his music career and started a record label Blu Ink.

The label was founded two years ago and he has already signed an artiste, Sagini, to the label.

It might seem like it’s an easy thing to start a label, but there’s a process one needs to follow.

In an exclusive interview with Kiss FM, Khaligraph shared the process one should follow to start a label, especially for artistes who would want to follow that path.

“First of all you need to understand the music business. You can have a record label and you can have a studio. Those are two different things because I know a lot of people who have studios, but record label doesn’t necessarily need to have a studio coz hiyo inadeal na publishing na content copyright and all that stuff. Studio on the other hand is where you can go open it up and record,” he shared.

Khaligraph Jones/ Instagram

He went on to share the kind of advice he gives to anyone who wants to start a label.

So me huadvice wasee manze before you claim that you have a label then kuna alot of terms and conditions that you need to adhere to and you also need to understand the music business coz you can’t just wake up one day and say that oh mimi nikona record label. So mimi huadvice wasee fungua studio, anza studio, elewa mziki kwanza, fanya mziki miaka kadhaa, link up with the right people, get the right insight and information then from there you’ll know how progress with your ambitions of establishing a label.”

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