MI Abaga is one of the most accomplished and celebrated rappers out of Nigeria and one of the best rappers in Africa.

He has been relevant ever since he first walked onto the scene then he took a step down and allowed us to enjoy some of the acts he helped propel to the fore such as Ice Prince Zamani.

He recently did some promotional freestyle for Martell that completely grabbed my attention. You can imagine how shocked I was being a huge MI fanboy and see him not only declare his supremacy in the African rap scene but to see him do so by having a go at the current crop of rappers.

Perhaps he is doing so because he is still stung by the barb of Burna Boy saying he wouldnae flock with him for flocking with South African rapper AKA following some xenophobic statements he made about Nigeria.

“F*ck AKA and you too if you down with him!” Burna Boy vows never to return to South Africa

Anyway, in the freestyle, MI Abaga says that only one Kenyan artiste can see him in a rap battle but there is a big catch… He can only see him on his best day!

And Khaligraph has taken that to be a reference of himself and he has responded with unbridled joy -though I would love to see a response from him.