Khaligraph Jones earlier on released a brand new song, ‘Gaza’. Before the release of the song, social media went crazy after he posted a video of him in a casket. Scary, right? The move caught everyone off guard, but what we didn’t know is that it was a clip from his video.


‘Gaza’ has been received quite well by the public, considering Hessy Wa Kayole has been killing people who have been interfering with community peace.

In an interview with Adelle Onyango on Breakfast with The Stars, Khaligraph revealed that the reception has been great and the fact people are talking about the song is a great thing.

He said, “The reception has been great. We have had people talking about the song and the other day the track was trending. So far, it’s been great.”

Khaligraph and Adelle

When asked why he recorded the song, he said, “It’s self explanatory, but because of my background. I come from Kayole and many people are familiar with the kind of events that have been happening out there. So me being the OG that I am, I felt like I had to take the initiative of trying to spread the good message and inspire the youth that it’s not really what they think it is and it could be better like look like at me I’m a rapper and I’m making a living out of it, and you don’t have to take the route of being a thug.”

“I Am A Proud Luo From Bondo” Khaligraph Jones Reveals

Many people did not quite understand why he used the casket in the video, but he went ahead to explain that he had to use the casket to lay across a message.

One thing with me, the videos that I do, I try to make them different. So personally, I felt like the message I was trying to put across would be better with a casket on set, coz I was trying to give two different sides of the story. One side is of me the dead guy and the other me the thug guy, so the casket had to be used,” he explained.

Khaligraph Kiss

He also talked about his studio and revealed that he’s already signed two artistes and they’ll be dropping crazy tunes.

He said, “So far so good, I thank God. Things are working out well, I’ve got the studio running and proper client el coming through and things are looking up. I’ve signed so far two acts, but I won’t be disclosing their names right now. We are trying to get things ready so by the time I put their name out there, they’ll be popping and there out there like OG’s, but that’s something you should look out for coz it’s going to be crazy.”

Listen to the full interview below for the juice:

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