Probably the last time you heard about Kibaki’s hot grandson was in 2015. He was a USIU student dating a hot YouTuber  Elodie Zone. Well, since then, they broke up and Sean Andrew has pretty much moved on to several relationships.

Sean Andrew said that life showed him a path to move on. Therefore after the break up with his girlfriend, he has dated several other girls. That past relationship is probably a vague memory now.

Sean Andrew and Elodie had in the past made their relationship a public affair. They were both posting about it on Instagram and other social media pages. Sean Andrew at some point even said that Elodie mistreated him while they were dating.

‘I have nothing against single mums,’ Sean Andrew

He termed the relationship old news. and according to the former president’s son, he can’t be held back by a past relationship. But then, his life must probably be in the low for the world to not know who he has and has not dated.


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