Sean Andrew

Sean Andrew Kibaki, grandson to former president Mwai Kibaki has given his take on the current atmosphere in the country.

Andrew who is seen to have distanced himself from politics for sometime now has for the first time written a heartfelt message to Kenyans calling upon them not to draw lines upon our fertile soil.

“I love this country our home where which ever county you are from, “Jambo!, Habari!, Sema!, Mambo!” carries the warm spirit of “urafiki”.”

He added;

“I don’t believe that any quarrel between individual voices should divide you and I. Let not you and fellow neighbour draw lines upon our fertile soil.”

Sean Andrew 6

He goes on to call upon Kenyans to maintain peace.

“We sing “May we dwell in Unity, Peace and Liberty” as a promise and from this promise we find in our Unity, Peace and Liberty we are strong, from our Unity, Peace and Liberty we have a home! #onelove #onehomeland #onekenya
Tungane kwa Urafiki, Tungane kwa Amani 🇰🇪”

Sean is one of the courageous politician’s kids that has come out to champion peace at a time like this when the country is acrimoniously divided.