From Githeriman to Kibandabae the internet is alive with all manner of memes and confessions.

I guess everyone is exhausted from all the election drama, and anything to get the stress out is welcome.

Well #Kibandabae is trending and everyone wants to know why. It turns out that a Kenyan lass tweeted a picture chilling in the office, captioning it that she is in the kibanda. Well KOT was watching and they went in on her.

It also turns out that there is a big story behind her. Now every team mafisi seems to have some ‘experience’ with her and the confessions are out of this world. The boy child, wooi!!!Black Shuga 🍑🍯‏ @JoySolita… If you’re a male Kenyan tweep that’s unduped/unconned by #Kibandabae inua mkono ukiimba kidole, ni kidole. Kwani kila ndume ni victim ala

Gvlden‏ @NikkiNairobian….Lol.My bf told me the same thing way back,they dated for 1 mnth.Him they ended up in Ruaka police station..I thought he was the only one.

Marvin Chege‏ @marvin_chege11 ….This is what happens when Uhuru has 8 million votes nationwide, strong  #KibandaBae

Vela Kuti‏ @Neshavelli…. Lakini madem huishi hapo nyuma ya TRM huwa wameambukizwa ukora na hao Nigerians..#KibandaBae ni kionjo

Hakosuka‏ @Likeswhisky …#Kibandabae is a gangsta chick like Nancy Botwin.

Shosho Light‏ @carolinespencer… #KibandaBae ameenda kutafuta next victim

Ma’Kunta‏ @julleberry …Pls ambia #kibandabae that my equity account has been idle. Siogopi kulala jela. Handling fee is a mere 5%

EM.‏ @Erick_Mocha…That kibanda selfie chic issa fraud..story for another day

Chris Leo Ngaruthi‏ @Ngaruthi… But isn’t … poor people, where is that ridiculous dude for Maendeleo ya wanaumme? Dude be laundering seventeen thousand for #KibandaBae

Lewízzy‏ @Lewi_smallz…Nikupigie kura alafu nikupigie watu???? Noo ata wewe jaribu ujipigie kitu. Ni kujipanga my friend #Githeriman #KenyaDecides #kibandabae

Muthoni Maingi‏ @NonieMG… Are all the victims awake? If you know one please wake them up and issue them their confession queue number #KibandaBae

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