Literally everyone is sharing their unsolicited advise about why Diamond played Tanasha.

But he somewhat seems to have alot to say.

Diamond shared a poster on his Instagram page inviting people to go and listen to his side of the story.

The poster says;

kila mtu ana story yake! unataka kujua ya kwangu?

Diamond’s fans are finally going to get his side of the story. Without assurance on what story he is going to tell. But as far as I can guess, Tanasha breaking up with him is the only untold story.

The Gere hitmakers have not been getting along, and we even saw this when she came to Kenya to launch her EP, and he left her to go back home.

Tanasha insinuated on social media that she and diamond are done, posted a goodbye comment that she later on deleted.

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With her unfollowing Diamond and his family members, there is only one thing to conclude, right?

Diamond posted on his instagram page informing his fans that he will be telling his side of the story to writers. He captioned;

Kesho Panapomajaaliwa nitakuwa na zungumza na Ndugu zangu waandishi Pale SERENA HOTEL Muda wa saa nne asubuhi….Tafadhali Usikose Kufatilia🙏🏼

Bahati commented;


Mcatricky also commented;

Simba mla miwa ,Anameza utamu akitema maganda ,, Wakenya tutakuroga na uchawi ya kitui ! Ongea mbaya uone😂😂😂😂😂

Anyway, Diamond’s and Tanasha’s fans are eagerly waiting for what he has to say about all the ongoing rumors.

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