Pierra Makena tuned 38 and people could not believe it.

The DJ, who is a mother of one, looks like she has just jumped into her 20’s.

She went on a vacay and posted the pictures on social media of her enjoying the time at Olare Mara Kempinski, Masai Mara then she extended it at Hemingways Nairobi looking all glowed up.

Fans on her page were full of positive vibes gassing her up as a very gorgeous lady. They could not believe she is 38.

Last time she was a topic on social media, Pierra was being trolled and body shamed. Trolls have also been very loud when it comes to questioning who her baby daddy is.

She also clapped back when guys went hard on her for faking that she was spinning at last years Jamuhuri day celebrations. Pierra had to explain what was happening on the decks because she had worked so hard to get that opportunity yet someone woke up to just be mean.

‘The devil comes in different ways,’ Pierra Makena cries out after being trolled
Pierra wearing a crown/ Photo By Moses Mwangi

As rare as it is, she has not been trolled based on her age just like every other woman usually is on social media. Whatever she is doing, she needs to share the secret.

Akothee is also another celebrity who gets a lot of love based on her age because let us be honest she has a gorgeous body.

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