Zari broke up with Diamond Platnumz on Valentines day 2018 with a long solipsistic post about how she was done being poorly treated.

Zari finally cuts ties to Diamond Platnumz, vacates his house

Since then, she has continued to allow Diamond Platnumz to live rent-free in her head. This was not supposed to be the case as she quickly moved on and eventually announced her new budding relationship with a clown character called King Bae.
We saw Zari introduce different silhouettes as her supposed King Bae and one of those silhouettes was later revealed to have been that of her manager Galston Anthony.

We found him! Meet Zari’s husband, King Bae (PHOTO)

And the internets were with the shlits because they played the game along with Zari, even claiming some strong faced man was it and Zari’s response was explosive.

King Bae unmasked as man with a strong face, Zari breathes FIRE!

But since then, we haven’t heard anything about King Bae. Nary a peep nor a hoot about the guy whose moniker was made famous in hundreds of comparisons to Diamond Platnumz that were so thinly veiled.

Zari announces impending wedding, Tanzanians work to prove it’s fake (PHOTO)

That is, until a fan asked Zari where King Bae has been. You see, Zari was married to King Bae in what she claimed was a low key civil ceremony but now…

The fan asked where King Bae has been and she said…

He is dead.

Is this a joke? No, here is the screenshot:

Is this a game Zari is playing?! Then again, I always maintained King Bae was a figment of her imagination.