Nana Owiti has been sending signals that she wants baby number three with her husband, King Kaka. What we call baby fever.

We called her to find out what the plan is and she killed those rumours. In fact, when we called her she was in the gym getting her banging body in shape so a baby is not in the picture.

I think I am done with giving birth

Or maybe I’m the one with the baby fever?” a fan responded, ” Baby number three, Could be…

Nana then posted another photo of King Kaka holding a baby and captioned it,

seems like he has baby fever

‘I have a fetish for toes’ King Kaka on what attracted him to his wife

The couple lost their first baby through a miscarriage which she says affected her greatly because it was her first pregnancy.

It kept worrying me if I would ever get a baby and time we would argue with Kaka, I was affected because I thought it was because I was had a miscarriage

Size 8 who is now rumoured to be with child is among the female celebrities who went through a miscarriage and she also confessed it affected her marriage but she and her husband DJ Mo worked through it.

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