Bruce Jenner got nothing on Shaffie Weru!

Shaffie Weru on Monday was dared by Kalekye Mumo to dress up like Adelle Onyango after he failed to turn up to Kalekye’s  birthday celebrations…and Shaffie Weru has taken up the interesting challenge with open arms.

This Friday, Kalekye Mumo will not be hosting the show with Shaffie Weru but with Sophie Shaffiequa (Female or rather she-male version of Shaffie).

Yesterday we showcased the short shorts Mr. Weru will be wearing and today Kalekye Mumo revealed that she has planned a make up artist to do Shaffie Weru’s  make up. He will dressed up in a wig, fake eyelashes… and full blown make up from lipstick to eyeshadow courtesy of black butterfly.

Listen to the audio below for more details on what will happen on Friday. Keep it Kiss FM for more details.


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