Kiss FM’s Chito Ndhlovu has opened up about some intimate issues he has dealt with in the past.

“I wasn’t going to share it here, but, I feel it is important that I do… May it touch someone’s heart…”

Chito spoke about how he tried to take his life three times.

“There is a time I tried to take my own life. 3 times I tried and 3 times I successfully failed. I was so deeply depressed, I didn’t want to hear about God, I didn’t want to hear a verse and it all didn’t make sense. At that point in my life God felt far from me. I was in such a dark place I can’t even dare imagine going back there, many of my friends had been ripped from my proximity by events but, now I see it was God saving me.”

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Chito who hosts the Maloko show on Kiss FM never thought he would get the job.

He revealed, “Something else that brought tears to my eyes is; I was called every 3 months for 2 years since 2014 by the Programs Controller of Kiss FM to come and work for the organization. Every time we were about to seal the deal something stalled.”

He continued, “Then, I remembered how sometimes, I would be so frustrated with the illusion of stagnated growth, I was in a place I didn’t like, I hate being there and I had to do what I had to at the time.”

Adding, “I would cry myself to sleep and in the middle of the night. But, for some strange reason I would wake up and have strength to face another day. When I think about it today, it was God’s grace and strength keeping me just for another day.”

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Chito encouraged his fans saying, “When you see me praising my God its because, there is a place I have come from that no man can take credit for. It was only God who saved me from myself and, from that dark place. I am living proof that there is a God that is watching out for you, the evidence of answered prayers and the proof that your parents prayers will guard you, bless you and save you.”

This is the song that brought Chito to tears.

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