Adelle Onyango

Did I hear you gasp?

Kiss FM Breakfast With the Stars Adelle Onyango has quit the juicing challenge, and is referring the quote that ‘ man cannot live on water alone’ to defend herself against accusations by Shaffie that she is a quiter.

The two presenters began their juicing challenge on Tuesday and after 36 hours Adelle has called it quits. She explains,’ It’s three days and counting , and they taste like nothing you’ve ever tasted before.’

Adelle Onyango can’t keep her hands away from chicken and bacon, or so she claims.

She explains that prior to the challenge she asked the house managers in addition to her siblings to support her in her detox challenge by keeping away all those lovely food items. “Unfortunately I come home to find chicken , what is a girl to do?”

” Secondly my grandma is visiting. If I don’t eat, she also won’t”.

What are some of the symptoms they are both experiencing; loss of memory, slurred speech, confusion, Shaffie claims he has morning sickness.

Listen as Adelle gives additional reasons why she’s done with the detox;




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