They say memories are sacred and we should hold on to them. Chito, the golden voice woke up this morning with the intention of breaking the Internet. The kiss FM host posted a throwback photo with the caption;

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“issa #TBT back when I used to wear spectacles but, the Lord healed me 😃. As I look at this photo, tears are rolling down my face, because, that man here is dreaming of the man I am today. He is yearning for what I have now. He is kneeling and praying for what I have today. Where I am now, was just a glimpse and a vision here. This man, is far from the man I am today. Gods good y’all! All praise and glory to him alone🙏🏾”

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Chito’s photo is not only a TBT but also an inspiration to people out here with dreams. Many people underestimate the power of believing in themselves. I hope this is a reminder of the importance of dreams.

His golden voice will continue to shine coz everything he speaks of turns to gold.

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