Elvis Who

Elvis Who is a famous hot Nigerian artiste based in Kenya. The first time we heard about Elvis Who is when he auditioned for Kiss TV’s reality show The Search.

After the search, he has been in the studio most of the time producing and co-producing a lot of songs for the past few months. “It is about time to release the songs,” he said with so much excitement in an interview with Shaffie Weru and Adelle Onyango on Breakfast With The Stars.

Elvis Who

He started producing music because he realized every time he would go to producers and gives them a concept or idea and they would completely change it. He decided to learn how to produce music on You tube by watching tutorials, downloaded the softwares required and taught himself.

Also he has been working with Alisha Popat on several covers like Despacito, Coming Home and many others.

Elvis’ journey began back in 2008 when he went for a kids talent show in Nigeria. It was his first time to be on a serious stage. He didn’t think he would be able to make it into the first round but he did. He got into the house but because he was not exposed to different genres of music, he was given a reggae song to perform, he flopped and was sent back home.

Elvis Who

The next audition he went for was the Nigerian idol in 2014, which initially was not his plan. One of his friends in school told him there is an audition and he should try out. Because he had been practicing almost every single day he was ready so he signed up, performed and got a golden ticket to the top 100 finalists. At the end of the competition, he emerged third.

Without giving up he went for another audition, the trace music star and he came in 2nd in the end. Despite facing several rejections especially when everyone is watching, he still didn’t give up and he finally signed up for Kiss TVS’ The Search.

He mentioned that it was very hard for him especially when people would comment on facebook negatively about his performance but he still got back up.

Elvis Who

Elvis also is vast instrumentalist “I can play the guitar, drums, saxophone, piano and flute,”he said, “I learnt all these instruments on YouTube, when someone is really interested in something they will learn.”

What he has learnt in his music career is that one has to be ready for everything. And also jokingly said that he would have told his younger self who started auditioning way back in 2008, to learn reggae and be serious because he was never serious.

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