Kourtney Kardashian is being mommy-shamed on social media for not tweezing her eight-year-old son’s eyebrows.

The reality star and mother of three, 39, came under fire after her ex Scott Disick, 35, posted a photo of himself and their son Mason to Instagram. In the snap, Scott and Mason are both looking into the camera, with Scott wrapping an arm around his son’s shoulders.

‘Kourtney Kardashian is gonna have to sort out Mason’s eyebrows, wowza,’ one user wrote, while another commented: ‘I really need Kourtney to do something about Mason’s hair and eyebrows.’

Many of the comments on the photo came from people apparently displeased by the fact that Mason has a ‘unibrow’, with social media users writing remarks such as ‘unibrow is cute’ and ‘shave his unibrow’.

‘How you gonna let a kid walk around with that unibrow?’ somebody commented, while one woman wrote: ‘At least wax the middle of his unibrow.’

Some were quick to bash Kourtney for allowing her son’s eyebrows to grow and look the way they do.

‘I’m sure he can afford a tweezer,’ one user commented. One person went so far as to write: ‘How you gonna let your son walk around with a brow like that but mama’s a** and tittys and everything about her is always looking good?’

Some people slammed Kourtney and Scott for not using their money in order to trim Mason’s brows, such as one person who commented: ‘You have how much money and you can’t help your kid’s unibrow lol?’

Daily Mail