A video surfaced that showed Kristoff leaving a club with gospel singer Kush Tracey only to be caught in the act (presumably of chipoing) by his woman, Yvonne Darcq.

In the video, Kristoff is seen leading Kush Tracey to his car only for Yvonne Darcq to jump out of a crevice and confront him. Kush Tracey walks away looking humiliated even as Yvonne Darcq says that she has no issue with her.

What’s worse is the fact that in the video, Yvonne Darcq alludes to this being the second time she has caught Kristoff stepping out of their relationship.

Well, on his part, Kristoff opened up about the incident which has tainted his image. And wouldn’t you know it, he simply said he was not doing anything wrong with Kush Tracey and he wasn’t doing anything wrong to Yvonne Darcq.

Juicy! Singer Kush Tracey opens up about being assaulted by Yvonne Darcq over rapper Kristoff

According to him, he and Kush Tracey were leaving a club (he clarified that it was not a night club) and he offered her a lift home.
When addressing his relationship with Yvonne Darcq, he announced that he has nothing going on with her either… That begs the question of why she was clearly upset in the video. And shout out to Mzazi Willy M Tuva for talking to Kristoff and getting him to open up about the video.