Birthdays are made of this. Dennis Itumbi, the President’s digital communication director, will be celebrating his birthday in a whole different way on March 19.

It will not be a regular birthday with liquor and all the shenanigans that come with most parties. Itumbi has planned to celebrate his birthday by cooking chapatis for street children. How cool is that?005834b91d9169c76786a612c9d148f8-1

“We are Kenyans. We will roll and spin chapos on Saturday March 19 and feed street children at Moi Avenue Primary School. All you need is energy and a rolling pin,” Dennis Itumbi urged everyone.

He added: “Donations of old clothing and blankets are being received at the school. A special room has been allocated for that operation. Meanwhile, share your #ChapatiStories. What do you remember about chapo?”

Well, this is bound to be interesting. Make sure to tune in to The Morning Kiss at 8am and join the #ChapatiMovement. Tell your chapo story on Twitter and tag Shaffie, Kalekye and Kiss100.