We at Kiss 100 are usually rather saddened to have to report on such matters. You see, we are huge supporters of local music especially when it is fresh and from youthful artistes who are clearly talented.

And that is why as we report on today’s story, we ask that you shed a tear for us as we had to clank away on our laptops with tear-filled eyes exposing Sailors.

Wamlambez? Wamnyonyez!

That has become an almost iconic call of a young generation taking the reigns of entertainment and finally giving Kenyan deejays a reason to have exclusively Kenyan sets even at bougie clubs.

Sailors Gang blew onto the scene when they released the song Wamlambez. The jam was posted to Teacher Wanjiku’s Youtube account and quickly amassed a million views. It now sits on 3.4 million views

A little birdie, however, informed me that the jam is an instrumental rip off of one of J Blavin’s songs and even though I didn’t want to believe her, the evidence is undeniable.

Check out the instrumental and relisten to Wamlambez once more.