Take a seat as you are about to see one of Ommy Dimpoz’s most hilarious moments. This singer just caught his fans by surprise with a throw-back photo which he put on social media.

These were the days when Ommy Dimpoz probably didn’t know how clubbing with ladies went down.



It’s quite unbelievable actually. Ommy Dimpoz who is now a celebrated East African artist, looked so broke and dusty wearing ill-fitting plastic scandals not to mention the red polythene bag he’s carrying that coincidentally matched his then Sunday best outfit.

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It looked like he just landed in the city and was a confused human being. But wait a minute, can you see Ommy Dimpoz’s dimples? It looks like he was too ‘shambalike’ for them to get noticed.

Ommy, who is well known for songs like Baadae, Hello featuring Kenya’s Avril, Tupogo, Me and You and Nai Nai has a new hit with Tanzania’s bongo king Ali Kiba dubbed Kajiandae. 

He is a rare musician without scandals even after adding water to Ali Kiba and Diamond’s beef saying that Diamond “stole” Ali Kiba’s song dubbed Lala Salama.


Just recently, fans went hard on him after he dyed his hair blonde, which to many fans looked horrific. He has since returned to his normal black hair after much criticism.

Check out the throw-back pic below;





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