The not so shy, Kenyan rapper Kush Tracy talks about peeing on herself in an interview with Pulse.

The controversial artiste is never afraid to reveal her secrets to the public, always fiery to reveal what’s on her mind.

“I once had too much coffee after which I went to a public gathering. As time went by,I suddenly got pressed and the cloakrooms were a distance away so I held on” she told the pulse

Well, I must say as women we’ve all had a chance to audition for a role as R- Kellys girlfriend once or twice.Especially in public when you have to stand in line behind ten women also dancing to the same tune as you.

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“As I maneuvered to the tablets(It) was almost impossible as the crowd was huge. The situation got so bad and the cloakroom that I couldn’t hold it anymore.” Kush said.

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She continued:

I almost peed on myself on myself in the process. As a matter of fact, I did but thanks to my black pants the wet patch was invisible.” She revealed.

I totally understand, holding on to pee is like trying to fight a hungry lion that’s ready to eat.

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