We all know being a celebrity is not easy and there’s a certain image they always want to portray to the public. Many try so hard and end up falling face first, when their stunts don’t work out. But why try so hard though, just to humiliate yourself later?


Willy Paul: “Sijawai Lala Na Dame!” So All His Hot Girlfriends Are Really Just Prayer Partners?

Willy Paul has on many occasions been spotted cozying up to ladies and most of them are light-skin. He goes ahead to claim that they are his sisters. No offense, but this guy is pitch-dark black and his “sisters” are caramel goddesses.

But one tends to ask how many sisters does he have? A while ago, he posted a photo of a lass and claimed she was his godmother’s daughter so that makes her his “sister”. Willy Paul will be the end of humanity with his lies.


Nunua Suruali, Umevaa Hadi Ikaparara! Fans Rant On Willy Paul For Always Rocking The Same Trouser EVERYTIME

Well he has yet again declared another lady his sister and posted a photo of the two with the caption, “Back in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with my younger sister WHO also happens to be one of my biggest fan… love her big.”

Check out the new sister below;

willy and sister



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