Comedian cum actress Awinja – real name Jacky Vike – has come out to confirm that she actually married and all those baby daddies y’all have been peddling online and linking her to, are not the real deal.

Awinja said that she has been with her man for over a decade and she explains why none of you know him.

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“I have never actually introduced him anywhere. When you put your private business out there the public tends to forget you and what you do and start focusing on your life instead. That is why i keep it in the low. About my man, I have never posted his picture anwhere but people keep posting pictures of different men whom they think I am with. As it stand, It’s like i’ve got 10 baby daddies. About Sleepy, I think that is an old story and we’re just friends,” she told BUZZ

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Awinja continued, “He is in the entertainment industry as well, but works behind the scenes. The fact that he has been able kucheza chini has made our relationship easier. I’m able to do my things without people poking their noses in.”

The Papa Shirandula actress confirmed that she had a traditional wedding with her mystery man and that you should alll not hold your breath for a white wedding.

“At the moment, We have more pressing issues at hand. But when that time comes we will [Have a white wedding].”

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