The last time Rose Muhando was on ou radars, she was a shell of a woman. She looked sickly and depressed. She was also under the cloud of rumours of being taken advantage of by Kenyan entertainers and gospel artistes.

Rose Muhando

Rose Muhando reveals why she shouldn’t be crucified

Well, she surfaced or rather resurfaced again on Kenyan soil and this time it would seem that God has ensured life treats her alot more favourably. Why else would he be Ebenezer?

‘They would have told me!’ Stephen Kasolo assures Rose Muhando’s fans that she is safe

The Tanzanian gospel songstress was in attendance at Reverend Lucy Natasha’s house of worship and from the looks of things she might just have finally paired up with a person who has her best interests at heart.

No longer is she plagued by the spectres of demonic possession, no longer does her name ring when discussing controversies and health scares, she is actually glowing as you can see below:


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