She celebrated her 20th birthday on August 10th.

And apparently boyfriend Travis Scott, 25, couldn’t help but shower Kylie Jenner with lavish gifts for her big day.

According to TMZ, one of those presents was a breathtaking piece of jewelry.


The Goosebumps singer had the piece, which was a jewel-encrusted butterfly suspended on a chain covered in smaller butterflies and more diamonds, crafted specifically for his significant other.

While it was a pretty trinket, it reportedly was in reference to Scott’s track Butterfly Effect, which dropped back in 2016.

It also seems Scott may have waited until the last minute, as he supposedly only contact master jeweler Elliot Avianne two weeks before Kylie’s birthday to commissioned it’s creation.


In terms of the piece itself, it’s composed of 28 carats of VVS diamonds, which are renowned for their unequalled clarity.

The charm is rumored to have cost the rapper an eye-watering $60,000, according to TMZ.

Of course Kylie couldn’t help but show off the expensive bauble via her Snapchat on Saturday.


The gift wasn’t Scott’s only participation in Kylie’s birthday, as he also accompanied the reality star to a movie on her actual big day.

She confusingly captioned the glimpse ‘Baby biteinnnnnn[sic].’