Moji Short Baba did not start his music journey in an easy way, just like many other stars. There was a time in his journey that he would walk to go shot his music.

Well, in an interview with Chito Ndhlovu on Man Up program  on Kiss FM every Thursday, Moji and director, Philip Karanja opened up about what it means to be a man and their respective journey.

Moji said;

“There was a time I did not have bus fare to take me to a performance. I mean it was a thing for me, I had to hustle.”

So how did he take that as a man?

‘The thing is, I was raised up partly by my grandfather, and he used to tell me, ‘As a man you have to be busy’, so for me, having fare half way was enough. Getting where I was going was the issue, like I had to be there. There was a time nilikuanga na fare nusu, I had to hang kwa matatu ndio nififke home koz nilikua na thirty bob na fare ilikua fifty bob.”

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Moji however added that what matters most is your destination.

“The thing is about the destination, If you have a destination you have to get to, just map it up, don’t worry about getting there as long as you are moving forward. Kukosa fare, kukosa food hizo zote tumepitia. But if there was something to be done, tulikua tunado, then kururdi nyumbani tutajua vile tutafanya. That is the story of a real man. Always get it done. “

Philip added, “I also think that is one of the best life lessons and is the process of becoming a man adding that, that is how you get to know that you are growing as a man. It is also how you gain internal toughness as a man.”