Perhaps I am not the intended market or perhaps I am just not fashionable but the latest trend in men’s fashion has me perplexed.


What are those I hear you ask? Well, those would be male purses.

And leave it to celebrities to try and popularise the trend with the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, Future and even 21 Savage.

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I know what you’re thinking, these three aren’t exactly a bastion of masculinity but from what I can tell, luxury brands such as Gucci, Channel and Go Yard are behind this new push to emasculate hip-hop.

But away from my personal opinions on the matter, my question on the matter is “would you rock a murse?”

I wouldnae be caught dead rocking one but that is simply my view on the matter.

And if you do not see a problem with rocking this gender fluid accessory, do you see the trend taking off in Kenya?

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But before you let me know through the poll whether you would rock a murse, check out some photos of your fave celebs rocking their gender-bender fashion accessories:

And now, the poll.