Obinna is facing some serious backlash online, after posting what people are calling an insensitive remark made towards an upcoming entertainer.

One Brayo Sammy became famous after a video of him and his grandmother (Cucu, below) being hilarious went viral. Kenyans love comedy so the two won the hearts of many.

Brayo likes to ’embarrass’ his grandmother by giving her hard English and trendy terms to pronounce or songs to sing and that is how the two became comedians.

Just as people were coming to an end of a long weekend, Obinna decided to end it with a harsh post directed at Brayo. He wrote:

so if shosh dies (God forbid) Brayo Sammy has no content lol

This did not settle well with Brayo and many other Kenyans who took to social media venting their anger towards Obinna. He later on deleted the post and the comments. They were too harsh.

Obinna has tried defending himself in a leaked Whatsapp conversation, saying sometimes one should understand and take a joke as it is.

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He even went ahead to educate Brayo – who was hurting – on the meaning of God Forbid claiming he did not wish death upon his grandmother.

Clearly, Brayo was so mad he even insulted Oga by calling him stu*id.

Do you think this was an insensitive post or is it based on truths people have though just not out loud like Obinna?

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