Victoria Kimani is a musical force to reckon with and she has proven that her music is hit material. She is in the music game to win. No matter what.

Victoria is currently doing a national tour for her album ‘SAFARI’ and has already released the dates when she’ll be performing in different counties.

The Mtoto hitmaker has been quite vocal about the Kenyan industry and how she has been judged music-wise ever since she was signed to Nigerian based record label, Chocolate City.

Last year she decided to leave the record label to work independently, but still she has fallen victim to public scrutiny.

In a past interview with Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru, Victoria spilled on the main reason why she left the record label.

Victoria Kimani
Victoria Kimani/ Instagram

You know like every contract has an expiry date. The contract was over and to be honest with you, most of the time I was on the label, I felt like an independent artiste anyway. I did most things by myself. So it was just time for me to step out on my own and do my own thing and not have to split money with anybody.”

Well, Victoria has been through a lot and just because she doesn’t talk about it doesn’t mean she hasn’t had her fair share of struggles.

She took her sweet time and poured her heart out exclusively to a celebrity WhatsApp group about how some celebrities never supported her music journey. She was not about to sugarcoat. saw the full post on the Whatsapp group where she even named some of the celebrities.

Victoria Kimani/ Instagram

I met a Nigerian DJ who used to play my music in the African clubs in Atlanta. Back then I used to beg Fully Focus to support me and play my tracks….but the Nigerian DJ is the guy who supported. He told me ‘Vee, you have a beautiful voice, do a remix to Ice Prince song Oleku…’. I did just that ….And Killed it…. He sent it to thousands of blogs and BOOM…… 8 MONTHS after that, I get a tweet from Chocolate City In Nigeria.

She went on to reveal how the record label wanted to open a branch in Kenya, but a lady radio presenter didn’t like her and didn’t put any effort to push her music.

Victoria Kimani/ Instagram

They SAID they wanted to open a branch in Kenya…. And hired Angela Angwenyi ( who hated me from jump…..not sure why 😢) Altho she was at Radio, ehhh she didnt really pump my shit…. For some reason I couldnt get gigs, ( banned from blankets…..not sure why)  even tho Mtoto, Oya, Whoa ft prezzo & AY, Prokoto ft Diamond and Ommy Dimpoz was the littest thing poppin at the time….”

These are just but a few of the things Victoria has gone through while in the industry.

One wise man once said, “There will be many people who doubt you but when you’re partying on your yacht they’ll want an invite.”

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