Kamene and Kibe have the best life hack for you during this quarantine period.

Idleness has made people share different types of challenges on social media.

Kibe has picked the mind of his listeners on The Morning Kiss, as they stay home that the next thing to do is acquire a new skill.


Learn a new skill and stop showing people what you’re watching on Netflix. At this time you need to acquire a skill that will help you stand out. Whatever you are doing now as your career, someone has done it before and probably better.

You should realize that now, your boss is either paying you half or you have been fired. Get another skill my friend because now, your boss can see he can do without you. So you need a plan B.

As they kept on in this discussion, Kamene asked listeners to give an experience of how quarantine and the curfew as of today are taking them.

Many men called in joking that they will now be calling in girls at 6:50 pm so that they are forced to sleep over because the curfew starts at 7:00 pm.

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The jokes went on and on but one guy told Kamene and Kibe things are going to get worse if the government come into the rescue.

“If someone who sells viazi karai, for example, makes money through his day’s sales and uses it on that day to feed his family and add on to their stock (lives hand to mouth) and he lacks week in week out, then his children will end up stealing because they need the money to survive. So the government needs to come up with a plan for some of us.” The caller cried.

In as much as Kenyans are scared, Kamene and Kibe are advising people to keep calm and have hope. But not forgetting, learn a new skill in this quarantine time.

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