tanasha and zari

Aye so by now you already know that Tanasha is no longer hiding her baby bump aye? Incase you do not know this to be fact, then peek a gander at this:

Tanasha finally embraces her baby bump (VIDEO EVIDENCE)

And if she has indeed decided to stop hiding her rumoured baby bump, allow me to give her a list of lessons she would do well to learn from Zari on how not to behave.


Because in truth Zari has been a sloppy ex. She cannot seem to keep Diamond’s name out of her mouth and this fact alone is one of the points.

Instead of me yammering and inadvertently giving away the list, let me just get down to discussing them. So without further ado, I present to you…

#1. Do not talk about your ex

Incase this relationship with Diamond comes to an end as all things must, do not keep his name in your mouth. Move on mama.
Zari dumped Diamond Platnumz so publicly on Valentines Day yet she is the one acting hurt. She couldnae keep herself from talking about him derisively which she didn’t realize only made us look at her like she was crazy -because crazy is as crazy does.

#2. Do not attack his sidepieces

If it turns out that Diamond is cheating, do not attack the sidepiece. Keep it, classy sis. The one with an issue that you need to address is Diamond.
Remember how everyone got their 7 chuckles in after Zari put pressure on Hamisa Mobetto when it eventually came out that Diamond had been cheating? She would always sneak diss her but what happened when she stormed out of her and Diamond Platnumz’ home? Hamisa slid into her position.

Can’t stop, won’t stop! Zari attacks Diamond and Tanasha

#3. Heal and move on

Should your relationship with Diamond come to an end, regardless of how messy that might be, mourn the relationship then forgive both yourself and he and move on.
Zari is currently in a relationship with “King Bae” and she still has the time to talk about her ex. I pity the fool who has to endure his current lady bitching complaining about her ex. It shows that she hasn’t moved on.

#4. Do not keep Diamond from his children

The rumours contend that you are as pregnant as the Virgin Mary was when she met John the Baptist’s mother and both their children jumped around. If a child does indeed come from your relationship with Diamond and things do not work out, there is no need for you to make it hard for him to see his children. Regardless of what you make of him after your relationship is over, your children deserve to be given a chance to know their father.
Zari, if you do indeed read this, I am not blaming you for living in South Africa, I am however saying you could do better whenever you visit East Africa. Give Diamond the chance to meet his children by even giving him the option of flying them out to stay with him.

But what do I know? I am just a love-atheist.