Tanasha Donna is setting the record straight. So many rumors are circulating about her and her ex, Diamond Platnumz.

She was okay with everything else but the story on her step to sue Diamond after break up claims was a bit far fetched and she has denied these unnecessary rumors.

Reports went viral on social media alleging that she had sued the father of her son for wasting her time and staying in Dar es Salaam without a job after she quit her job back at home, Kenya.

Tanasha took to Instagram to confirm that there is no court case adding that there are so many fake stories,as she also asked people to leave her alone and instead focus on the positive rather than negative news.

“Too much FAKE NEWS out here! Let me make it clear that there is NO court case or whatever it is that’s being said out there! Can a girl live her Iife in peace? Can we just focus on the right & positive things? Tha fuuuuu🤦‍♀️” Tanasha posted

She went ahead to insist that fake news is too much.

“Too much FAKE NEWS about me out there! Careful what you read.. LIES be everywhere” She added

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Tanasha has been having a tough time with social media because they are all up in her business. She broke up with Diamond and in her process of trying to heal, social media in-laws are making it so hard for her because they are digging up too much.

Take heart Tanasha, something else will come and trend and it will sweep away the attention from you. All we are waiting for is the next song to drop.

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