Fam! I was recently enjoying Saoti Sol’s new musical offering Extravaganza. The song that features Bensoul, Nviiri the Storyteller, Crystal Asige & Kaskazini is a whole situation but one thing stuck out to me, Chimano’s moustache.


I get it, it’s just facial hair but my word, it is quite the star of the video. To think all this time Chimano was actually capable of growing facial hair is quite the revelation. And he chose flavour savers?

The moustache was grown in to add to the authenticity and vibe of the video of the song Extravaganza which it did but it also served to remind us of why moustache’s as the preferred facial hair did a hairy death.

And the lip shadow he has grown has come in thick and strong! Jesus that moustache of his is an entire character on its own. And to think the video spawned a Nviiri Challenge – nah fam, Sauti Sol’s PR machine missed a golden opportunity to get a truly viral challenge and it was right there on Chimano’s lip.

If you do not think I would type out 200 words in praise of the life form that has sprung up on Chimano’s lip, then you are sorely mistaken. Nasa has been looking for alien life in all the wrong faces! Sorry, I meant places!

What a peculiar fashion statement but nonetheless, it is winning because it has convinced me to also grow mine in.