So, according to guys on these damnable interwebs, Zari’s house is a rental, not a home she has actually bought and owned.

Turns out Zari lied about buying new house, proof surfaces it is leased

This will come as a shocker for the entire legion of Zari fans who stan hard for their leading lady. Especially given just how much Zari had celebrated the fact that she has moved out of the home Diamond Platnumz owned and had bought for her and his children back when they were together.

‘I see her bringing King Bae to the house!’ Diamond cyberstalks ex-partner, Zari

She touted her move to complete her aggression towards Google who had estimated her wealth at 8 million dollars but she and her manager insisted that her net worth is somewhere in the region of 30 million dollars.

Anyway, so we have all been seeing the photos she shared of her house which I will admit she did an awesome job of fixing up and repainting to suit her tastes.

Now for the virtual tour of the floor plan in the house Zari is renting: