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It seems there’s trouble in paradise, or so we think. Willy Paul and Harmonize did a collabo to Willy’s song ‘Pili Pili’ and as of now it has over 400k views on YouTube.

But it seems Willy isn’t ok with something.

Willy Paul and Harmonize/ Instagram

Taking to social media, he stated that we shouldn’t be people who are just after using others. This happens hours after Diamond and Harmonize’s new jam Kwangaru has garnered over 800k views on YouTube a day after it was uploaded. Could he be talking about Harmonize?

He wrote, “This is so sad! Honestly speaking, let’s not be people who are just after using others. Let’s learn to support. And if we agree to support then let’s do it whole heartedly… it’s a small world we are living in you might be at the top today but remember. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.. learn to live with people! #tafakari.”

When one of our reporters reached out to Willy Paul to ask if his post was targeting Harmonize, he plainly said that it was just a comment.

A few minutes later, he went ahead and edited the post, giving WCB fam a shout out including Harmonize.

He added, “Before I forget, thank you to the whole @wcb_wasafi @diamondplatnumz @babutale @sallam_sk for letting me feature @harmonize_tz in the song #pilipiliremix GOD BLESS YOU ALL.”

So does he really have a problem with Harmonize? All this will unfold pretty soon.

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