We were all 100% sure Nabeyet aka Nabbi and Otile Brown are a thing of the past.

She even said that during this quarantine time, she is keeping social distance between her and the singer. I mean isn’t that clear that they are no longer in a relationship?

Shock upon us and many of you when we saw her post such a beautiful and emotional message to Otile as he turned 26. Yes 26 years old.

Nabayet started the message by saying their love life has not been an easy ride but it was all worth it.

“Needless to say, it hasn’t been an easy ride but boy was it worth it! No words can describe how grateful I am that it happened. Only a few lucky ones get to love so deeply and be loved. Even fewer get to experience a feel so magnetic, so magical and for that, I consider myself lucky” Nabayet posted

The next half of the post was a way to confuse her enemies. She left the social media in-laws wondering are they together or not? Nabayet wished Otile Brown a happy birthday full of success, happiness, toilet paper and sanitizer.

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Happiest birthday to you ♥️ May Rona stay away from you forever and may you have an endless supply of sanitizers and toilet rolls. Life’s too short to be bitter and hold on to anger. Now or later, together or not, I will always be praying for your success and happiness. Cheers to more wins, peace and love 🥂♥️

otile nabayet

Otile who I am almost sure was not expecting such a message replied saying,

Unani manya uwe 🙏❤️

I do not know what that means, they seem to have a code language for the two of them. So cute right?

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What conclusion do you have after that post? I think they are just good friends. Their relationship ended on a good note.

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