When you see a black rose in a ladies social media updates, best believe she has walked out. Seems like Nabayet is on that route.

Zari made the symbol of the black rose popular after she dumped Diamond on Valentine’s day. She was done with all the disrespect.

Well, Nabayet, Otile Brown’s very recent babe posted a picture of black roses and chucked up the deuces.✌️

The next day, Otile posted a picture looking dapper and intensified our curiosity for the story behind Nabayet’s black rise with the caption,

changed your ways for them and they still nag & complain. What you do 🤷‍♂️

So many people were on his comment section asking if it is over between him and the Ethiopian babe yet it has not even been half a year.

Funny thing is most if not all the girls on his timeline blamed him for the blunder that might have happened for them to call it quits.

What did you do to Nabbi!?🙄 She is too much of sweetheart to be doing you wrong… fix it before you regret. Quote me on this few years down the line

From the quote above, it is clear fans had really invested in this relationship.

Well, Nabayet answered y’all with a social media picture and caption, showing off her hips. She wrote

Life must go on

All this comes after Otile Brown released a song where Amber Raey was his video vixen and there was a particular scene that looked too cozy.

Could this be the reason?

Otile Brown receives congratulatory messages on Nabayet’s ‘baby bump’

Dating a male artiste has become tricky because you might just be hit with the news that she is expecting your manz’ baby. Ask Zari, it is not an interesting place to be.

We also noticed the two no longer follower each other on social media. That is usually the final step of a breakup. If you know you know.

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