2ManySiblings provided Nairobians with another opportunity to exhibit their creativity with yet another installation of the now popular Thrift Social installation.

The 12th Edition that was held at the Alchemist Bar on Sunday, July 2, provided attendees with the opportunity to showcase their best interpretations of future trends.

While some chose to keep it simply stylish and minimalistic, the fashion risk-takers opted to show off their most innovative ideas of futuristic statements.

It was a case of integrating the inconceivable and the most absurd elements to create an eye-catchy, artistic presentation.

The street style heroes and geniuses behind the event's success Velma Rossa and Oliver Asike stayed true to afternoon's theme leading the attendees with their mesmerizing looks.

As usual, there was great attendance from fashion designers, models, street style photographers, bloggers and entertainers who did not want to miss the action.

Cosmic Homies Taio and Mix Master Lenny kept the crowd hyped up with their stellar music mix set. Steph Kapela was welcomed on stage by the crowd that danced to his tracks before the deejays took control of the party again.

The show would not be complete without the heavily present vendors who sold vintage clothes, handmade jewelry, and other products.