This week has been hot!

We earlier on did an exclusive on Mishi Dorah, stating that she had a miscarriage, information we got from our credible source. She later on took to social media to state that all that was not true. Mpasho's Uncle Chim Tuna reached out to her, and she said the information was all wrong. Uncle Chim has the recording of their conversation which you will hear in the audio.

Hamisa and Vera Sidika were this week on each other's case after Vera stated that it was rude of Hamisa to take a video of her without her consent.

All this escalated so fast to a point the two started dishing out secrets about the each other, with Vera making fun of Hamisa for having two baby daddies and being Diamond's side piece.

Alikiba has found himself in a rather weird situation after a lady by the name Dorothea Caroline, has come out to reveal that she is pregnant for Alikiba. The two had taken photos together a while back and they went viral, raising questions if she was his latest bae.

Well the lady even shared a photo of the ultrasound as proof that indeed, she's pregnant.

Tina Kagia and JB Masanduku broke up a while back and according to Uncle Chim, things got so bad that JB Masanduku used to live in a motel, above club Mist in town. But his source has reported that JB is now doing ok and has a house along Kiambu road.

Listen to the full juicy scoop below: