yvonne okwara
yvonne okwara
Days are gone when women used to walk around with pot bellies as if they were professional barley tasters. No more potbellies for our Kenyan celebrities

Nowadays, not only men spend hours in the gym. Women have also retreated to the gym to work out so as to gain that hourglass figure and female celebrities are leading by example.

From Talia Oyando, Akothee, to Rubadiri to Yvonne Okwara, they have embarked on a weight loss journey and they look incredibly nice.

Citizen TV's Yvonne Okwara is the latest to share pics after working out for quite some time and she looks great. Yvonne recently revealed that it's not easy working out but she's trying to push her self. In a long post she wrote;

"It often looks easy, but I struggle on some days! The look on my face says it all! Lol! Listen, working out isn't always fun at the time, but it's definitely worth it in the end! Truth be told, nothing in life is easy. I have had to work hard for everything in my life. Working out, health and fitness are no exception. There are no easy fixes in life. You don't just snap a finger and great abs appear! You don't just snap a finger and get successful in life. In the gym, just as in life, learn to bear the pain. Stick it out during the tough times. The results will definitely be worth it in the end!"

Below are photos of Yvonne showing off her sexy abs, slay queens take lessons;