akothee and anerlisa
akothee and anerlisa
Anerlisa and Akothee are out here to help save the girl child.

Just recently Anerlisa posted a 30-day challenge after she gained a few pounds so that she could help her friend and many other women lose weight.

She gained 12 kgs and grew to a total of 80 kgs and she is taking her fans and followers through her journey of losing it by posting her diet and work out program.

Weight loss has become a lot of women's worry but Akothee tells women to stop falling into depression because of what the internet wants from them. She says if you look in the mirror and you feel okay with how you look, then ride with it.

If you do not like what you see in the mirror, then join her in her 30-day challenge and lose some belly fat. She says she prefers to do a 5:30 am to 6 am work out and she asks those who would wish to have a flat tummy like hers.

Dont do things to pliz the society, it's all about you, if you are comfortable why not , if you are not let's change something,💪💪 what time is best for you , comment with your timing below I choose 5.30 am to 6.00 am !

I don't know about you but if this challenge will make me look like Akothee in 30 days! I am willing to join in and so are many of her followers.

Sherly: Feeling motivated wanted to do this on my own but was wondering how I will start

Martha: Ayam joining the challenge too... That time is just fine 5:30am-6: 30 am

Verah: Madam boss niko ndani kabisa Yes am good with 5 to 5.30.....I have been trying to have that flat tummy lakini wapi.

Shirley: I really need this aki please help me madam boss... I admire your courage a lot

Camm: Thanks so much for the inspiration you're doing a great job in the society, I mean all round

Ini: 30-day tummy challenge sounds great