Those who use public means of transport; matatus or buses from one en-route to the other will definitely relate to this article.

There are some actions or behaviors that just get you off when on board some people retaliate as others go with the flow though all in all it's irritating and could easily mess your moods for the day.

Feel free to add to the list below of things you despise while in public means;

  1. Comfortably seated at your seat, but the next person just cant let you be, they tend to take up your space placing their hands on you & also man spreading (the practice whereby a man, adopts a sitting position with his legs wide apart) which can be very annoying.
  2. After you have paid fare and expecting change, but the tout takes ages to give you back your change. I know of people who forgot to take back their change and had no cash for the next move.
  3. You know how you get to seat at the front by the driver, and you hear " pesa hapo mbele" but already got your shoulder poked severally by the passenger behind you.
  4. All seats in the matatu have been occupied but the tout insists to add up more people. In a bus they stand & their back packs are all over your face or in matatus where you are given 'sambaza' small wood to seat on by the pathway & squeezed on to each other.
  5. Busy on your phone, novel or newspaper and your neighbor keeps looking and staring at what you are reading or typing.
  6. In the vehicle you haven't eaten all day then food aroma is all over the bus. I don't get why people eat hot food as fries in public vehicles.. In this era!!!
  7. When they carry excess luggage and you are asked to carry some for them. sigh!!
  8. When in a matatu and the music blasting is all in vernacular through out the way. Especially the 'shagz' matatus
  9. People who speak on phones like they are addressing everyone in the vehicle. Yo' get your calm down, no one needs to know your conversation.
  10. When someone next to you sleeps on you, we understand one might be tired and sleepy but being a stranger is really irritating. Where as, sleeping in a matatu can cost you a lot.
  11. When you get to a matatu because they are charging a certain fee then once you are in, the fare escalates. En-route Rongai members can relate.
  12. People who seat by the window & refuse to open up windows whereas the matatu is stuffy. As there are others who open up the windows on a cold and rainy day and refuse to shut them on request.

  13. In a rush and you choose a matatu or bus that is practically full, only for like ten people to get out and y'all back to step one.