I love whatsapp but I hate Whatsapp groups!!!

I hardly do WhatsApp groups unless it's for a specific purpose and limited time.

I will be honest I have 'Left' a number of groups, it's not that I don't want to associate and stay social, but there is a list of items that annoy me and well I choose my peace of mind.

At times, we get to mute the group chats then we're spoiled to choose mute timing between 8 hours, 1 week or even an year, but how exactly does it work cause it doesn't work for me.

Millions of Whatsapp groups get formed for different purposes, as at now they vary from surprise birthday's, baby shower's, wedding committees, for parties among other million purposes.

While they do bring people together, here is a list of some annoying things and people that come with it. Sadly, you can block a single person but not the whole group.

Listed below are reasons I would verify as to why most people get to leave Whatsapp groups.

  1. When you have been added into a group without consent. This has to be the most annoying notification to get on ones phone.

2. Flooding Messages. When you have been off-line for less than an hour but you come back online to 200+ messages. Sigh!!

3. When they Spam your phone gallery with million photos and videos. Then at times you don't even know people in the photos.

4. When all the group members do is have a cold war and arguments, instead of meeting up in-person and solve their disputes.

5. Unrelated content. Someone shares a 20MB video that you download only to discover it is a video of a cat playing the piano or those extremely annoying talking Tom cats videos.

6. When the purpose of the group is over. I believe one can leave the group as they please once agenda is accomplished.

7. With this economy, and unknowingly yo' added to a 'chama' group for giving out money or fundraising purposes and clearly you know you are broke. I know some people who would not leave such groups to take note of who gave out what amount of money.

8. When one of the group admin's has been involved in a crime involving police & don't want links to them. Oh well don't we all love our safety though away from the police.

9. When a group is of rude and rowdy people.

10. When you are added to a group and you find your resurrected Ex is a member too. Boo, if you don't want drama just 'Left' ASAP.

11. Added to a family group, yet you'll are not even close and hardly have conversations.

If you have been tolerating the above, it's time to run and Left that group!!!

Feel free to add reasons on the comments as to why you left a certain group.