Natural hair has been a growing hair trend over the past few years, with different ways to get to improve it's length and density as most people go natural.

Below are tips that will help keep or maintain your natural crown;

Water! Water! Water!

Drink lots of water. Stay hydrated and eat fruits, I mean you are what you eat and so is your hair.

Stay away from too much heat

Ladies love to use blow dryers and flat iron to straighten the hair.

However, do not expose your hair to too much heat as it might get weak to excessively dry and cause it to fall out easily.

Your pillow case fabric

If your pillow case is cotton based, sis just take it off, it ain't doing your hair any good.

They are known to draw out the moisture, so go for a satin or silk pillow case. However, If you simply can’t say no to your favourite collection of cotton pillowcases, use a silk scarf /bonnet to wrap your hair before you sleep.


Deep conditioning helps to keep the hair moisturized, as facts is natural hair is the most susceptible to dryness. I mean who likes dry hair?

This includes getting treatments at most once in two weeks.