Iona McCreath is the creative director of clothline KIKOROMEO.

Her vibrant energy is a bonus to her beauty, creativity and fashion talent.

KIKOROMEO, which means “Adams Apple” in Swahili, is based in Nairobi, Kenya.

She has apprenticed with Ann McCreath – Founder of KikoRomeo: her mother's fashion business since birth.

Recently, she took the bow as she presented the brand’s latest collection.

She states how the event went down stating;

"Nigerians love fashion and the collection has been very well received.”

Now co-designing with her mother, she is taking the lead on the silhouettes, while her mother works on the textiles and cutting.

Iona, has a degree in Sociology from London School of Economics and a foundation diploma in Art and Design from Central Saint Martin’s.

Go for it Girl!!